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Meeting Minutes

M i n u t e s
8 April 2010
Atlas Coffee Mill and Café

Present:  Jim Baumbach, Dr Al Button (Guests: Amy Olberg,Bertil Engh), Marcia & David Debbink, Barbara & Bill Kelly, Jan Mirenda Smith & Scott Valitchka, Bob Swain, Peter Thiel (Guest: Helen Thiel), Donna & Len Weis, Erika & Andrew Weiss, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak

PRESIDENT Barb Kelly called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

MINUTES were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Checkbook balance of $4,174.12 7 May e-mail from Peter Thiel: Regarding the treasurer's report, as of May 13, 2010, our checking account reads $4,093.32. Expenditures over the past month totaled $525.80, which covered our second annual dues to IATC for $445, and the remaining expenses were for guest meal, tags, pins, postage, and website maintenance.

Len Weis is our nominee for the TORCH Gold Award. Jim Baumbach wrote the letter of nomination (impressive!).

The River Trip won our vote for a get-together this summer. Bob Swain will set up the details.

We adjourned at 7:10 for dinner followed by Peter Thiel’s presentation, Evolution and Creationism  and lively discussion.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak, Secretary

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