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Torch Club - Fox Valley meets for dinner on the second Thursday of each month.  After dinner a member or guest presents a paper, which is followed by a lively discussion.

Torch Club – Fox Valley determines when and where to meet, how many members it wishes to accept, how its affairs are managed, and what dues are required for budgetary needs.  We provide our members a free forum for discussion and a congenial atmosphere.

Members of the Torch Club of the Fox Valley:

Interested in Becoming a Member of Torch Club of the Fox Valley?

We welcome a diverse membership of intellectually curious individuals. Persons of good moral and ethical standing in any of the recognized professions are eligible to join.  In addition, those exceptional persons who may not fit the traditional professional categories but who by their demeanor, education and/or unusual and exceptional extracurricular pursuits enjoy the cultural interchange of knowledge and who perform their disciplines in a recognized professional manner are also eligible.

Finally, prospective members must be interested in Torch objectives and be able and willing to contribute to Club programs. Proposed members must be known to be intellectually alert, socially compatible, and financially responsible.

If you feel you possess the background and credentials we're looking for in a new member, for further details on membership fees, meeting dates and locations.

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