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Meeting Minutes

M i n u t e s
11 April 2013
Atlas Coffee Mill & Café

Notes taken by:  Amy Oberg, Secretary
Attendees:   Bill Kelly, Dwight Easty, Bob Swain, David Woods, Al Button, Jean Jepson, Nancy Bodway,  Peter Thiel, Donna Weiss, David Debbink, Irene Strohbeen, Jan Smith, Richard Schoenbohm, Jude Kuen, Janet Wuller-Faiss Cloak, Mary Poulson, Barb Kelly, Amy Oberg.  

Guests:  Christina Button, Paul Frieburg, Lori Bourdman, Jim Perry.


  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30
  2. Welcome to guests.  
  3. Minutes from the last meeting: motioned and approved.
  4. Treasurer’s report from Barb:  motioned and approved.
  5. IATC Conference for 2013: Will be in NC this year, June 27-30. Al and Donna will be delegates. If anyone can serve as an alternate, please let Bill know.
  6. Publication: Richard’s presentation on Lenin will be published in an upcoming issue of Torch Magazine! Barb noted that both Richard and Jan will have articles published this year. That’s two publications for our club this year.
  7. Silver Award Nomination: Peter has nominated Al for the Silver Award and read aloud a copy of the nomination letter sent to IATC on March 20, 2013.
  8. Ride Share to Meetings:  Beginning in September, we will start a “ride share” program for members who may not want to or be able to drive to meetings due to weather or other reasons. Al and Amy have volunteered as drivers.  Just call them and you’ll happily get door to door service!
  9. RSVP for meetings: Timely RSVPs for meetings are becoming an issue. Members are urged to be more conscientious about getting RSVPs in so we can get accurate counts to Atlas. Atlas has suggested e-mailing menus (beginning next year) prior to the meetings so we can select choices before arriving. We will discuss the idea more at the May meeting.  Reminder: Atlas will be offering a special dinner of Surf N Turf for Torch’s May meeting as a celebration of our partnership with them. The cost will be about price of a regular dinner. Be sure to get your RSVPs in so Atlas has the right count for dinner.
  10. Magical Mystery Tour:  Idea to do another Magical Mystery Tour sometime this summer was approved.  Discussion was held regarding how much we should allow to be spent. No consensus was reached so additional discussion will be held during May meeting.
  11. Business Meeting adjourned.

 PROGRAM:  There Has Got to be a Better Health Care System, Al Button.

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