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Meeting Minutes

M i n u t e s 12 December 2008
Atlas Coffee Mill & Café

Present: Jim Baumbach, Al Button, Marcia & David Debbink, Leota Ester, Barb & Bill Kelly, Mary Poulson, Jan Mirenda Smith & Scott Valitchka, Bob Swain, Peter Thiel, Len Weis, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak            Guest: Alice Baumbach

PRESIDENT Barb Kelly called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM  
MINUTES of 13 November 2008 were approved after discussion as to whether Jan and Scott were guests in November or already members. (Secretary did not receive official membership documents until December so the question seems moot.)

TREASURER’S REPORT: $370 income; dues are paid up; $70 expense (complementary dues); balance of $2,418.88.

CONFERENCE REPORT: Barb said that there have been no additional registrations and no expenses. She reminded us that on the first of February regular costs will go up. Prior to that time, the cost is $320. Len said that we need 80 people "to clear" and "we should make a profit." Travis is looking for a potential off-site location for the Paxton Dinner. A brief dscussion followed about the possibilities of Butte des Morts or Riverview Country Clubs.

Peter wondered if the East Coast people might find Green Bay (Austin Straubel airport) less expensive for their travels. Len emphasized that there will be no transportation costs from our (Outagamie) airport to our convention.

Jan, as a new member, asked about the conference set-up. Barb said that 100 to 124 people generally come. It's an investment in maintenance of tradition. There are tours, entertainment, banquets and speakers. The Paxton Dinner is the highlight and features a paper selected by the International Committee. Hosting is what we will be doing.

We adjuouned for dinner at 7:15, followed by Leota Ester's program, "Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)".

Respectfully submitted, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak

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