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TORCH MEETING MINUTES for December 8, 2011

Submitted by: Amy Oberg, Secretary
Attendees:  Bill Kelly, Al Button, Mary Paulson, Bob Swain, Richard Schoenbohm, Jan Smith, Scott Valitchka,  Dwight Easty, Barb Kelly, Jim Baumbach, Irene Strohbeen, Dave Debbink, Debbie Debbink, Dave Woods, Leota Ester, Amy Oberg.
Guests: Bill Scheirer, Betsy Dane, Marge Swain

1. Minutes from last meeting:  Approved (with spelling correction).  
2. Treasurer’s Report
a) All members have paid dues.
b) Financial status

Balance forward


As of 11/9/2011









Bill Kelly for badge for Dwight Easty




Current balance


As of 12/9/2011

c) Motion to approve Treasurer’s report: Accepted
3. Memorial for Len Weis:  Jan and Peter are still working on. Peter presented a replica/drawing fo the memorial that will be done by Valley Signing. Cost will be $246.00 for memorial plus minimal cost for cutting and polishing; final estimate about $250.00+/-. Plaque will go in entrance of Earth Science Museum. Suggested there be some “dedication note plaque” near memorial piece indicating that memorial is given in Len’s memory by The Torch Club. Peter will talk with Jan about getting this done.
Motion for funding “dedication note plaque”: Approved
4. Money in Treasury
a. Magical Mystery Tour team members are Al, Jan and Amy; Leota as member still not confirmed.
b. Mary and Janet continue to check into (other) donation opportunities.
5. Club Charter
Barb showed examples of a club charter.
6. Guest Bill Scheirer from the LeHigh PA chapter presented a list of the club’s past presentations.


Posse Comitatus, Bob Swain.
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