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Meeting Minutes

M i n u t e s
11 February 2010
Atlas Coffee Mill and Café 

Present: Jim Baumbach, Dr Alan Button, Marcia & David Debbink, Barbara & Bill Kelly, Mary Poulson, Jan Mirenda Smith, Peter Thiel, Donna & Len Weis, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak 

PRESIDENT Barb Kelly called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m.

MINUTES were approved as written. 

TREASURER’S REPORT: The financial report for February 11, 2010, shows a new balance of $4,619.12. The past months activity consisted of the addition of $90 for semi-annual dues and initiation fees for Andrew and Erika Weiss, and expenditure of one guest dinner of $21.44 to Al Button. 

A lively discussion ensued as to what to do with the money. Mary suggested a contribution to Greg Mortenson’s schools (Three Cups of Tea). Jim said we’re getting stodgy and he urged us to “have some fun this summer.” Bill made a motion (seconded by Marcia) that everyone bring ideas for “fun.” Then Barb asked Pete how much we should retain in our treasury. A revised motion followed:

            Next meeting, members should bring one or more ideas for “fun” with a cap    of $2000

Further business:We support the nomination of Richard Allen for the Regional Director position.

Paxton Papers Committee: Bill will notify Stephen Toy that one of our members (Al Button) would like to be on the committee.

Barb announced that no Nominating Committee is needed this year since all officers now serve two years. 

We adjourned at 7:10 for dinner followed by Barb Kelly’s presentation, Social Networking: Time Stealer or Life Enhancer.   

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak, Secretary


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