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Meeting Minutes
Torch Club of the Fox Valley
12 February 2015
Atlas Coffee Mill & Café

Notes taken by: Jude Kuenn, secretary
Attendees:  Jim Baumbach, Nancy Bodway, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak, David Debbink, Marcia Debbink, Mary Flanagan, Paul Freiburg, Walt Hedges, Jean Jepson, Barbara Kelly, Bill Kelly, Jude Kuenn, Cam Maurice, Amy Oberg, Mary Paulson, Richard Schoenbohm, Webb Shaw, Jan Smith, Bob Swain, Helen Thiel, Peter Thiel, Scott Valitchka, Donna Weis

Guests: Katie Shaw, Marge Swain


Meeting called to order at 6:45pm.

Amy Oberg presented “The Future of the Brain”
Called the ‘Age of the Brain’, Medicine and Science have learned more than ever about the brain in the last 10-15 years.  
Research includes:

The Future of the Brain – its secrets will be revealed.

Next meeting is 3/12/15; speaker will be Jan Smith.
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