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Meeting Minutes

M i n u t e s
13 March 2008
Butte des Morts Country Club

Present: Al Button, Travis Christopher, Scott Cross, David Debbink, Marcia Debbink, Barbara Kelly, Bill Kelly, Mary Poulson, Bob Swain, Peter Thiel, Len Weis, Donna Weis, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak

PRESIDENT Barb Kelly called the meeting to order. MINUTES of 10 January were approved. (The February meeting was “sidetracked” so to speak.) TREASURER  Peter Thiel distributed the Annual Treasurers Report: Total Assets on 13 March: $1,333.84. After discussion of dues for Pat Warrick in her present circumstances, Peter suggested we waive her dues for next year.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE Chair, Bob Swain,  presented the results of their 22 February deliberations:
Vice-President:  William Kelly
Treasurer: Peter Thiel
Secretary: Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak
(President  Barbara Kelly  received a vote of appreciation and confidence in her first [of two] year of administration.)

Unanimous approval of the slate followed.

Travis Christopher  (CONVENTION TASK FORCE) reported that the Paper Valley will charge $99/room; the Convention Bureau will have people to meet guests at the airport; two Walking Tours are being planned; meetings will be held in the Empire Room; packets will be supplied for the Lancaster Convention; Al, Len, Peter and Travis will meet to decide on speakers. The PAC does not yet know its 2009 program so will not confirm our use of facilities until late May 2008. In lieu of PAC premises, Paper Valley is the probable alternative. Peter suggested one of us meet guests at the airport. Bill suggested  we see how Lancaster operates.

LANCASTER CONVENTION: Barb and Bill will be Delegates; Janet and Al will be Alternates.

DUES INCREASE: We voted “Yes” on the $10 dues increase for IATC “inflationary  need”  effective 1 October, i.e. $40 to $50.

Barb sent in the Richard Allen nomination for regional director.

Marcia Debbink agreed to give her talk in September.

PROGRAM: Al Button: World Fiber Supply  Future (see website for Abstract)

Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak, Secretary



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