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Minutes, November 11, 2010
Atlas Coffee Mill and Cafe

Present: Jim Baumbach, Al Button, David and Marcia Debbink, Bertil Engh, Barbara and Bill Kelly, Amy Oberg, Mary Poulson, Jan Merinda Smith, Pat Warrick, Leonard Weis and Irene Strohbeen, presenter and prospective member

PRESIDENT Barb Kelly called the meeting to order about 6:45 p.m.

MINUTES were approved as written.

TREASURER’S REPORT: As of November 11, 2010, the treasury has a balance of $4986.09. Activity this month included an income of $990 in dues collections and and an expense of $470, our semi-annual dues to IATC. The one member deliquent in paying his dues paid up at the conclusion of the report.

A brief discussion followed regarding the $250 given to the convention delegate. A decision will be made at the January meeting. The consensus is that, depending on the decision, whether or not the stipend is returned should be a private matter and that we need to be less judgmental about the disposal of that stipend.

Our region 7 director Dick Allen’s term is not up this year so there will be no nominations to be made. It was suggested that he be invited to attend one of our meetings.

The disposition of the money in our treasury was again briefly discussed. To date that money is used to pay for the dinner of a guest and to give an amount to the IATC delegate. Ideas can continue to be proposed and rather than making quick decisions we should await an idea that seems to have general approval and enthusiasm.

Another brief discussion centered around whether we should be marketing Torch through media advertisement. No one seemed interested in a wholesale approach but felt that general marketiing is not as good as a personal approach. A Post Crescent article might generate some interest and inquiries. Perhaps Cheryl Sherry could be invited to a meeting as a guest with the thought that she might write an informational article. We might use the website as a tool. Too, we might concentrate on submitting more papers to the magazine.

The meeting adjourned for dinner after 7:00 followed by the evening’s program. Irene Strohbeen, whose bio was included in the November 11 Torch agenda email, spoke to the group on DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY, a fascinating process that has been conducted in the USA and numerous countries throughout the world to rid the public of “rational ignorance” and create a more participatory process that will strongly involve a larger number of informed citizens.

Respectfully submitted

Mary Poulson, Secretary pro tem

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