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Meeting Minutes

October 11 , 2007

Jim Baumbach, Al Button, Christine Cross, Scott Cross, David Debbink, Barbara Kelly, Bill Kelly, Mary Poulson, Robert Swain, Peter Thiel, Leonard Weis, Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak
Guest: Alan Blake (the Kellys)

PRESIDENT Barbara Kelly called the meeting to order. MINUTES of 13 September were approved. Barb reminded us that the Minutes are available on the website. Since she left her camera behind, she will bring it next time.

TREASURER Peter Thiel reported $1,133.89 in our checking account following recent expenses of $316 for BDMCC services and $25 annual website fee. The club finances are in “good Standing.”  Some member annual dues have been received.  Payment of IATC semi annual dues are to be paid in November.

Barbara suggested we discuss the best of the ideas from the September “Brainstorming.” There are time slots to consider, i.e. two packages for two time slots. (For example, Friday: Weis Museum, Barlow Planetarium, Hearthstone as a package titled “Rich in Tradition.”)

Since the river is the reason paper and the Hearthstone are here, Weis, Paper Discovery and Hearthstone might be a good combination.

The Grignon was suggested as was “On Your Own” tours.Third Ward, AAL, History Museum at the Castle are Self Tour possibilities

Contiguous places are desirable but relationship of venue is more important. Thematic connection is a big plus.

In addition: Local geology, cheese place and a farm (Simon’s doest have tours anymore).

Barbara suggested that the convention committee should develop a proposal and come back to the whole group for approval. They have the results of the brainstorming, and members of the club have had a good chance to express their opinions and ideas. We are scheduled for a final decision on tours at our January meeting.

Acting Regional Director, Richard Allan, wants an update of what’s going on in our club. Dues for International will possibly be raised $10. Len says we should be told why. Barb will send Richard Allan an e-mail.

Mary Poulson brought announcement cards for Pat Warrick’s just published book, Charles Babbage and The Countess.

Peter mentioned the TORCH sponsored program at Appleton Public Library.

After Adjournment of the meeting and then dinner, Barb presented her program: NETWORK NEUTRALITY. It was a plea to protect Internet freedom, to keep the net neutral, free from control of quality of service by the big telecom companies. A rich and lively discussion followed Barb’s presentation.

Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak, Secretary

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